Anne Somerville

Hi my name is Anne and I trained as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner in 2010. My working life has been in nursery and early years within various settings. It has always been my passion to help children be happy, promote good self-esteem and to be the best they can! I have recognised how even young children can be affected by stress due to various circumstances at home, school and on a personal level. I have taught children’s relaxation classes incorporating simple yoga stretches, breathing exercises and visualisaton techniques. Over the past 10 years I have practised meditation on a regular basis and know the dramatic life changes this simple tool has made to my own life. A few years ago I trained as a Connected Kids Tutor and have worked with primary children and teenagers teaching meditation. From the feedback given, I was delighted to have helped them at this stressful time.

At present I am working in primary schools with groups of children, providing yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes.  I also offer Reiki healing in my home for teachers/school staff who are looking to reduce stress and bring healing into their lives. Recently I have worked with teenagers and young adults who feel overwhelmed with exam stress or those who have mental health issues.


I really enjoyed the Reiki and Meditation sessions and found I felt the benefits more when I used them alongside each other. After each session I felt more motivated and energised. The meditation was also useful as it taught me how to relax and how to think more calmly and clearly. I would thoroughly recommend it to others.

Emma age 20

I feel the Reiki and meditation really helped me, it was a great opportunity to switch off and relax. it helped me get through extremely stressful times at school

Abbie age 17

Going into Reiki I was confused about what to expect, not sure how I would feel. It’s slightly amazing that when you are there you feel like you can switch off, you stop worrying and you just have the chance to relax. It helped me to calm down and relax during an extremely stressful period at school which was exactly what I needed.

Isla age 18

My 6 weeks of reiki and meditation was very enjoyable. I felt a lot less stressed. It helped me to feel completely relaxed and my knees (that give me a lot of pain normally) have been a lot better. Using the mediation techniques at home have helped me to focus and clear my thoughts. I will keep using the meditation during my exams and I am sure I will have reiki treatments again. Thank you Anne.

Lucy age 15